Introducing the Lemon Drop Martini Club!

Think of the “First Wives Club” after menopause but before assisted living, and you’ve got the Lemon Drop Martini Club. Constance, Catherine and Cynthia are three women who’ve been best friends forever. They’re your average female baby boomers…sort of. Constance is a retired CFO, Catherine is a syndicated columnist for a large Denver newspaper, and Cynthia is the best nail tech and hairstylist west of the Mississippi.

These three mild mannered “mature” women have lived fairly uneventful lives until Catherine writes an expose about the head of the Denver Mafia that pisses him off and he puts a contract out on her.

What’s a girl to do? Head for the mountains and Grand Lake Village to hide out with her best friends, that’s what!

But thank God these ladies aren’t your normal baby boomers. They may have French manicures and highlighted hair, but they have no fear, they’re physically fit and they have really cool tattoos. Just saying.

Hiding out isn’t all bad when there’s kayaking, hiking, boating around the lake in their Moomba, bellying up to the bar at the Lariat Saloon for a Coors, or driving up to the Grand Lake Lodge for a Lemon Drop Martini.

But all that ends when they find out the hit man has found their hideout. Watching their backs and turning the tables on the would-be killer becomes their top priority. Because dodging bullets can really wreck a great hair day!

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