Just Released! Cajun Spice

Oh boy, the Lemon Drop Martini Club ladies are at it again! Constance and crew are in New Orleans to meet with Beignet Broussard, a Wiccan/Voodoo Queen. She’s the only one powerful enough to help Constance get rid of Clarisse, a bi-polar, man-hating ghost who barged in and dumped herself and her paranormal gifts on Constance during a tarot card reading.

Easy peasey, right? Unfortunately not for Constance. Things get complicated when Beignet tells her the payment she wants for her services – a spell on Constance that will allow her to see and communicate with the ghost of Jean Lafitte, the famous 17th century pirate. He left a treasure map in code and all Constance has to do is find Jean and get him to decipher the code so the treasure can be found.

It’s wicked fun and indescribable adventure in the historic city of New Orleans, where Lemon Drop Martinis, Hurricanes, and Huge Ass Beer flow like a river down Bourbon Street!

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Cajun Spice

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